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The act of taking people’s assets—be they financial, material, property or other miscellaneous items— without their permission is known as theft. Theft is often known as larceny, but the words are interchangeable according to the law. These crimes vary in severity, but all of them can result in significant penalties if a conviction is reached.

At Calfas Law Group, we have navigated various theft cases and have consistently protected our clients from maximum penalties. We know what to look for in the allegations against our clients and how to expose shortcomings in the state's case against them. If you or a loved have been arrested, the time to speak with our San Antonio theft crime lawyers now.

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Common Forms of Theft Crimes

The Texas criminal statutes describe many different forms of theft. No matter what the nature of the allegations against you, however, it is essential that you have an experienced defense attorney review your case. Below, we have summarized some of the most common theft offenses charged here in Texas.

Petty Theft
If an item under $300 is stolen, then you could be charged with petit theft, also defined as petty theft. There are two levels of petty theft crimes:

  • First degree – theft of property that is valued between $100 and $300
  • Second degree – theft of property valued below $100

Petty thefts are classified as misdemeanors.

Grand Theft
Theft of items over $300 is considered grand theft. There are three levels of grand theft.

  • First degree – property theft valued over $100,000
  • Second degree – property theft valued between $20,000 and $100,000
  • Third degree – property theft valued between $300 and $20,000

Also, if property valued between $100 and $300 is stolen from a homeowner, then the theft crime can be tried as grand theft in the third degree. Grand thefts are classified as felonies.

Burglary is when a person with the intention to commit criminal activity enters a structure in active use without permission. A burglary does not necessarily involve but is often equated to, a theft crime.

No victim has to be present for burglary to be committed. Also, the structure will more than likely be a building. If a fenced-off area is broken into, then it may not count as a burglary. However, if the perpetrator broke into the fenced-off area to get into a building, the act may be deemed a burglary. Most burglaries are considered felonies.

When a car is stolen from a victim by force or intimidation, it is known as a carjacking. Carjackings are also classified as grand theft auto. However, grand theft auto is considered in some areas to be an instance of a car stolen without the use of force (i.e., breaking into an empty car and driving away). Most carjackings are tried as felonies.

If theft occurs in a store or business and the stolen property is from the same store or business, then it is known as shoplifting. Shoplifting is also known as concealment of merchandise and retail theft.

Often, a shoplifting charge will require that the element is hidden from view. Also, placing alternative price tags on items to deprive the owner of the appropriate profit can count as shoplifting as well.

Shoplifting can range from a small infraction to a felony, depending on how the shoplifting occurred. If firearms were involved, then the shoplifting charge may increase.

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