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Personal Injury Lawyers in San Antonio

Pursue Your Compensation in TX

Injured due to another person's negligence? At Calfas Law Group, our experienced and dedicated San Antonio personal injury attorneys know what it takes substantiate personal injury claims and take incisive steps toward securing the compensation our clients deserve. If you or a loved one have been hurt, we're ready to help you!

It can be possible to fight for the relief you deserve—and we're ready to help. Call Calfas Law Group at (210) 405-8315 today.

Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury in TX

From the date of the injury, the state of Texas allocates up to 2 years to file a petition. It is important to take this statute seriously, as the court will most likely throw out your case and label it as “time-barred” if the deadline has passed.

However, there are certain exceptions to this rule:

  • If the person injured is under the age of 18 or is “of unsound mind”
  • If the person who caused the plaintiffs injury leaves the state, the period of absence will not count towards the deadline

How a Lawyer Can Help Your Injury Case

Personal injury involves claims that include physical injury sustained by a person due to the actions of someone else. It may occur in conjunction with other types of trauma, including property damage. Know your rights when faced with a case of personal injury and rely on representation with knowledge of legal precedents that has experience in the courtroom.

  • Personal Injury Cases: San Antonio personal injury cases occur most often due to automobile accidents, which include but are not limited to car and motorcycle accidents. Mishaps that cause impairment also happen on the job. 317 million workplace accidents occur every year, and the victims of those incidents have a right to compensation for damage done.

Whether or not you have personal injury protection included in your insurance plan, you’ll need a reliable team of lawyers to fight for your rights in the event of an accident that harms you or your loved ones.

  • Car Accidents: 20-50 million people are injured or disabled in car accidents annually. Don’t let the devastation from a car accident bring your life to a halt. Take care of your family, medical expenses and bills with the help of a personal injury lawyer. With proper representation, your attorney can help you rebuild your life after a major or minor car accident. Car accidents happen quickly, and you’ll need the help of an experienced lawyer to gather evidence and account for details that will allow you to plead your case.

  • Motorcycle Accidents: Motorcycle accidents are prevalent in San Antonio and just as devastating as car accidents. Motorcycle drivers are more vulnerable to serious injury without the protection of a car’s metal frame and safety features. If you’re a victim of a motorcycle accident and have been personally injured, you may be able to recoup your losses and offset serious injuries or disabilities with the help of a personal injury lawyer.

  • Dog Bites or Animal Attacks: Not all pets are friendly. If a negligent pet owner has caused you physical harm through the inability to control his or her pet, you may be entitled to damages to help you recover. Get your life back on track after a dog bite or animal attack with the help of a legal team who knows how to maximize the strength of your personal injury case.

Our firm can also handle various other claims as well:

  • Bicycle Accidents – Don’t pay for major injuries from bike accidents out of pocket. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve.
  • 18 Wheeler Accidents - Finding fault is complex in commercial truck accidents, so it is important to have an attorney who has handled these cases before navigate the process with you.
  • Workplace Accidents – We’ll help you fight for workers’ compensation in San Antonio so you can handle life after injury or disability.
  • Drunk Driving Accidents – Reclaim your life and repair your automobile with the help of a powerful team of lawyers who know DUI and DWI law.

If you or a loved one have been hurt in one of the accidents listed above due to the actions of someone else, our firm is ready to speak with you. We thoroughly assess these claims and ensure that-- whether we have to negotiate with insurance providers or take the negligent parties to court-- that we pursue maximum compensation for our clients and their loved ones.

The first step is having a conversation with us. Contact us today to request an initial consultation with our team.

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Whether you are dealing with a legal matter in San Antonio, requiring trusted family law guidance, aggressive criminal defense, or proven personal injury advocacy, Calfas Law Group, PLLC is prepared to guide you through it.

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    Neil Calfas


    Born and raised here, Neil has a true appreciation for the San Antonio and South Texas culture. Attended Roosevelt High School, University of Texas in Austin, San Antonio College, University of Texas at San Antonio, and St. Mary’s University College of Law. Neil began his legal career working for the very Best Criminal Defense Lawyers of their time.
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    Chase W. Butler


    Mr. Butler has been part of the Texas legal system for his entire life. From a family of attorneys and elected judges, Mr. Butler believes the practice of law is based on hard work, faith, and personal client relationships.
  • Frank E. Gonzalez Photo
    Frank E. Gonzalez


    Attorney Frank (Francis) E. Gonzalez is a life-long resident of San Antonio, Texas, having grown up just north of downtown. Frank has been licensed to practice law for 35 years, and comes from a family of attorneys, former judges, and former elected public servants.
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    Matthew T. Allen


    Bio Coming Soon!
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    Jason Wolff


    Attorney Jason Wolff is a 7 th generation San Antonian. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Texas at San ...

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  • This is a very high quality, high level law firm with some of the best attorneys in the state.

    “With a need to hire an attorney we consulted with Neil Calfas. We Hired! The case is being handled and everything is working out brilliantly. This is a very high quality, high-level law firm with some of the best attorneys in the state.”

    - Shirleyann R.
  • Talk about "Peace of Mind"

    “I remember walking out of the courtroom, he said "Hey Anthony Keep your head up and walk with confidence we're gonna beat this, it's going to be alright." Talk about "Peace of mind."”

    - Anthony V.
  • Mr. Calfas is the best!

    “Mr. Calfas is the best! Love him to death. Great lawyer and knows his business. He is straight forward and to the point & best of all, honest.”

    - Cookie
  • When I met Chase Butler, I knew there was hope

    “If you are serious about getting your life back on track, after inheriting the disaster of a DWI charge, then Chase Butler, is in the league to take evasive, appropriate action. When I met Chase Butler, I knew there was hope. In minutes, after deliberating”

    - Charles
  • CALFAS Law Rocks!!

    “Robbie and Her team were hired to assist my son with a criminal legal issue. He had made a mistake and was facing a minimum of 10 years in a federal prison. Thankfully my son spent 6 months in Jail and will be on probation for a while. CALFAS Law Rocks!!”

    - Randy B.

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