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  • This is a very high quality, high level law firm with some of the best attorneys in the state.
    With a need to hire an attorney we consulted with Neil Calfas. We Hired! The case is being handled and everything is working out brilliantly. This is a very high quality, high-level law firm with some of the best attorneys in the state. I would recommend them to everyone.

    - Shirleyann R.

  • Talk about "Peace of Mind"
    When I first stepped into Sergio's office with Chase Butler They tag teamed my Case I knew Sergio was going to be my lawyer and I hired him that same day and that was the best thing I could have done. I was on probation for a 2nd DWI and caught a new case Possession of a Controlled Substance 4-200 Grams with Intent to Deliver I was on my Last strike keep in my Mind my 3rd MTR. Sergio was a blessing to my life he told me after review of my case and doing what he does that everything should be okay, I remember walking out of the court room he said "Hey Anthony Keep your head up walk with confidence were gonna beat this it's going to be alright" I always felt like my previous lawyers would try to scare me into paying them more but he was completely opposite. I mean Talk about "Peace of mind". Being in my position it's impossible not to stress but Sergio made This as stress-free as he can. HE IS BADASS!

    - Anthony V.

  • Extremely effective and efficient
    Extremely effective and efficient. Mr. Butler explained the process and what the best strategy would be to have success in my divorce. Well worth the investment to get a competent attorney.

    - Peter

  • Mr. Butler is a great attorney
    Mr.Butler is a great attorney. His knowledge with family law has helped me understand the process tremendously. I would definitely recommend Mr. Butler to my family and friends.

    - Former Client

  • Awesome Attorney
    In 2002 I was accused and charged with a very serious felony, which I did not commit, and after shopping for different attorneys, whom all recommended for me to take a plea of 20 years, Neil Calfas was the only lawyer to did not accept the offer and advised me that it was his legal opinion that the case should be investigated, so he was able to find that the "victim" was lying and he put pressure on the DA and was able to get my case dismissed. I owe him my life.

    - Aken C.

  • A friendly people person with legal contacts that can get the job done
    Neil took the time to explain the process prior to taking the case. Advised me of how to proceed and explained less costly alternatives. Although busy, he is knowledgeable of the law and a friendly people person with legal contacts that can get the job done.

    - Greg H.

  • Mr. Calfas is the best!
    Mr. Calfas is the best! Love him to death. Great lawyer and knows his business. He is straight forward and to the point & best of all, honest.

    - Cookie

  • When I met Chase Butler, I knew there was hope
    Notice the timeframe; (2012-2014). DWI's are not a joke. If you are serious about getting your life back on track, after inheriting the disaster of a DWI charge, then Chase Butler, is in the league to take evasive, appropriate action. When I met Chase Butler, I knew there was hope. In minutes, after deliberating, I had confidence that my case would be presented to the finest detail. I strongly recommend Chase Butler, hands down. Thank you, Chase, and keep pressing on. Best regards, Charles (Houston, TX)

    - Charles

  • CALFAS Law Rocks!!

    Robbie and Her team were hired to assist my son with a criminal legal issue. He had made a mistake and was facing a minimum of 10 years in a federal prison. Thankfully my son spent 6 months in Jail and will be on probation for a while. CALFAS Law Rocks!!

    - Randy B.