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Activities to Do During Visitation

3 Things to Do While During Visitation

Is it your turn to have the kids and you’re looking for something fun to do? Having your kids during visitation can be a little limiting depending on your custody agreement.

There are fun activities you and your kids can enjoy together during your visit that can fit within your schedule. Here are a few ideas you can use to enjoy family time with your kids and promote a healthy relationship with them.

1. Fun Outdoor Activities At Home

You can stay within your visitation order and play fun outdoor games that promote health, safety, and fun at the same time! Most outdoor sports and activities can be done from the comfort of your backyard, local park, or nearby recreation center, like:

  • Take swimming lessons together for a weekend.

  • Play football, soccer, basketball, or tennis.

  • Do a fun, viral dance challenge outside.

  • Do outdoor arts and crafts, like painting.

  • Go camping in your backyard.

There are lots of activities that are fun and free for the family.

2. Go On A Local Tour

Incorporate learning activities into your visitation plans. Take a tour of a local historic site like a museum.

3. Cook Your Favorite Meal Together

One of the best things about cooking is that it’s a great activity for kids of all ages! There are lots of kid-friendly recipes on the internet and you may be able to find a simple version of your favorite meal to cook together. Sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest have thousands of recipes available for everyone.

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